Domus Aurea Rome Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Domus Aurea Wheelchair Accessible Tours

A wonderful, impressive and evocative place. The restoration work is grandiose, the historical reconstruction using a truly exceptional 3D viewer.



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Domus Aurea accessible tours Rome wheelchair excursions

Domus Aurea Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The Domus Aurea accessible tours, is located in the historic center of Rome.

Precisely in the Rione-Monti district and is considered one of the unusual places to visit in the city compared to other monuments that are usually besieged by tourists.

Domus Aurea was the urban villa built by the Roman emperor Nero after the great fire that devastated Rome in 64 AD.

The villa was destroyed after Nero's death following the restitution of the land on which it stood, to the Roman people.

The surviving part of the Domus Aurea, hidden by the successive Baths of Trajan, like the whole historic center of Rome, has been included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1980.

Touring Domus Aurea

The Domus Aurea complex consisted of two main parts.

One is located between the Vestibulum and Stagnum, and the second on Oppio Hill.

In addition to these are the Via Sacra.

With its arcades and gardens and the temple of Divo Claudio, with an adjoining huge Nymphaeum, the urban prefecture on Velia, prefecture at the Praetorium.

Finally the Horti Maecenatis, the Auditorium Maecenatis and the Turris Maecenatiana.

There was a portico around the Domus Aurea.

From Clivus Palatinus to the east extended the Vestibulum, or entrance of the courtyard, located on the top of the Velia, which was the main access to the Domus Aurea complex.

In the western portion where the Colosseum now stands, there was the artificial pond associated with the gigantic statue of the Sun known as the Colossus ( inspired by the famous Colossus of Rhodes ).

Centuries ago, along its corridors and rooms, could admire mosaics, marble furniture.

Even enter a rotating dining room where guests were surrounded by flower petals and perfumes, some of these wonders are still visible today.

Prominent artists and historical figures have helped decorate this unique palace with numerous frescoes, ceilings and vaults.

Accessible Details

The path is accessible to wheelchair users, except for the last part.

Because you walk on a rather unstable metal walkway.

The internal environment is particularly humid.

All visitors will be provided with a special hat to comply with safety regulations.

The multimedia itinerary is very interesting as the new technologies will allow you to admire and visit the Domus Aurea as it appeared in the era of Nero.

So thanks to virtual reality you can admire in detail all the decorations that embellish the vault of the Villa.

Accessible Holidays Packages

Domus Aurea accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Rome Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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