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The great Etruscan civilization ( which gave its name to Tuscany ), was one of Italy’s most advanced, although it remains relatively mysterious at our days.

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There are parking spaces reserved for badge holders along the adjacent road. The sidewalk outside has ramps to the roadway. Bus stops and tramway # 19 are 100 meters away from the entrance. The Etrurian Museum is located inside of Villa Giulia and is made up of 35 exhibition halls. The halls are on several floors, which are served by an elevator and a stair-lift. The halls are fitted with mechanical devices; however, wheelchairs users, reduced mobility and disabled can follow alternative tours, which are different from the established ones. The pedestrian path inside of Villa Giulia gardens is made up of gravel-paved alleys. There are several wheelchair users, reduced mobility and disabled accessible paths, but they do not cover the whole extension of the gardens: only 30% of the gardens is wheelchair accessible. The garden is connected to first floor via a lift. There is an accessible toilet on ground floor. No guided paths and tactile maps for vision impaired.

Opening Times:

Tuesdays To Sundays From 08:30 To 19:30. Closed on Mondays.

Ticket Cost: Euros 8.00

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Etruscan Museum Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Etruscan Museum wheelchair accessible tours

Near Villa Borghese, a few hundred meters from the National Gallery of Modern Art, a beautiful and impressive building stands on the Viale delle Belle Arti.

It is the National Museum of Villa Giulia, designed and decorated with frescoes and decorations of artists as Vasari and Vignola, home to the most important museum in the world dedicated to the knowledge and study of the Etruscan civilization.

The finds are displayed following purely topographical criteria, in the sections devoted to the richest and most important of the Etruscan civilization centers such as Vulci, Veio, Cerveteri, Pyrgi, Todi and Palestrina.

Etrurian Civilazation

Of great importance also the Collections Castellani and Barberini which include a series of jewelry that are real masterpieces Etruscan jewelery, as well as very suggestive are the visitor numerous terracotta sculptures from the Tiber Valley.

The Villa was built by the popes and remained their property until 1870 when, in the wake of the Risorgimento and the demise of the Papal States, it became the property of the Kingdom of Italy.

Villa Giulia

The Museum was founded in 1889 as part of the same nationalistic movement, with the aim of collecting together all the pre-Roman antiquities of Rome and Latium area, southern Etruria and Umbria belonging to the Etruscan and Faliscan civilizations, and has been housed in the villa since the beginning of the 20th century.

Its most famous single treasure is the terracotta funerary monument, the almost life-size Bride and Groom ( the so-called Sarcofago degli Sposi ) reclining as if they were at a dinner party.

Of particular interest are the exhibits of the Apollo from Veio ( VI century BC ), the high relief and the golden thin sheets from Pyrgi ( V century BC ), the Apollo dello Scasato from Falerii ( IV century BC ), the Centaur from Vulci ( VI century BC ) and the so-called Cista Ficoroni from Palestrina ( IV century BC ).

The reconstruction of the small Greek-Etruscan Temple of Alatri realized in 1890-91 in the garden of the villa is of particular interest.

Etruscan Museum Wheelchair Rome Tours
Etruscan Museum Wheelchair Rome Tours
Etruscan Museum Wheelchair Rome Tours
Etruscan Museum Wheelchair Rome Tours

Finally, do not forget to linger and let yourself relax by the peaceful and quiet gardens, with their typical nymnphaeum with this Etruscan Museum wheelchair accessible tours.

"Food is culture" also applies to the ancients: the discovery of a people through the exploration of habits, customs and eating habits.

Discover, then, the multiple meanings of social, religious and political is possible through the great finds of the most representative museum and rich in evidence of the ancient Etruscan civilization.

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Etruscan Museum wheelchair accessible tours.

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