Baths of Caracalla Rome Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Baths of Caracalla Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The Thermae Antoninianae or Baths of Caracalla were the most important thermal complex of antiquity

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Baths of Caracalla Wheelchair Accessible Guided Tours

Visiting Baths of Caracalla is one of the things to do during your trip to Rome.

Create a unique and authentic experience in Baths of Caracalla wheelchair accessible guided tours.

Private tours dedicated to wheelchair users and reduced mobility guests traveling to Rome.

Organized by us with a private tour guide, who will take you to the heart of Baths of Caracalla, its treasures and its history.

The guided tours of Baths of Caracalla are designed exclusively for wheelchair users and reduced mobility.

All guided tours, includes all accessible standard facilities.

The aim of making visitors relive Baths of Caracalla in a completely personalized and unique way.

On this page, you will have the opportunity to book your visit to Baths of Caracalla.

With an official tourist guide service in English only for private individual or group ( from 1 to 7 people ).

All our offers include the guided tour service with selected official guides.

If expressly requested in the tour you selected, native speakers or with an excellent knowledge of the English language, with a license.

In the prices indicated, the guide is at your exclusive disposal.

Therefore it is not a service shared with other visitors.

So don’t hesitate to Contact Us and book your favorite tour, to discover the immense cultural heritage of Baths of Caracalla and Rome!