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Air Mattress

This Air Mattress is a portable low air loss therapy mattress replacement systemthat provides...

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Beach Wheelchair

The equipment is a Beach Wheelchair, made to move disabled and elderly people in every situation...

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Bed Raiser

These Elephant Feet beds raisers equipment provide a lift of 140mm ( 5.5 inches ) for various items...

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Electric Bed

This Electric Bed With Frames features DC low voltage, fast compact engine, quiet and very light than...

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Electric Hoist

This Electric, Bedhead Hoist has been designed for everyday indoor use, as an aid to transfer a wheelchair...

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Electric Scooter

This is an Electric Four Wheel Scooter. The stable four wheel base handles varying suraces with ease ...

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Electric Wheelchair

Electric Folding Wheelchair made of painted steel, black nylon breathable padded seat width 430 mm. Height...

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Manual Wheelchair

The most popular type of lightweight Manual Wheelchair for everyday use for a person with good...

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Monkey Pole

This Pole is placed under the bed base to give a stable overhead support pole for those who find it difficult to rise...

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Portable Ramp

This ultra-strong Portable Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp provide the strength and safety required. Is foldable...

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Quad Canes

This stick has four feet at the end of the Quad Canes shaft which provide a wide base to the users,...

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Shower Bench For Rent In Rome

Shower Bench

Transfer Seat with non-slip seat with holes for water drainage. Backrest with handle and ......

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Standard Sling with headrest that provides full body and head support Suitable for all ...

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Transfer Board For Rent In Rome

Transfer Board

Ergonomic, resistant and flexible Transfer Board. It assists in transferring people with limited ...

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Walker Frame

This standard rigid Walker Frame is made from aluminium tubing. It provides stability and support...

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Wheel In Shower

These wheelchair fit all standard and elengated bowls for over the toilet use. The commode shower...

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