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testimonial- stoimenova

Zhivka Stoimenova & Ian Murphy

Bulgaria & UK

29th March 2015

The Vatican Museum, St Peter Church, The Colosseum, Ancient Ostia, Hadrian Villa or wandering in Historic Rome on our own, get to the Trevi Fountain, do some shopping and even get the chance to see the Pantheon, although it was a last minute visit!

Doesn’t all this sound fantastic?

But how do I and Ian ( my beloved partner ) make such a trip to Rome happen?

Was it possible, having in mind that we are both seriously physically challenged?

The answer to all our fears and needs we found thanks to Accessible Italian Holidays services.

The always full of energy and smiling Vincenzo has organized a perfect accessible vacation for us both…

First Vincenzo and his driver picked us from the Airport and accommodated us in the Hotel LR01, who were so kind to let us use their junior suite as a sign of good will.

Besides, Vincenzo made sure for me to have a Scooter hired for my week in Rome so that I could see more of the legendary Rome without getting tired!

Then came the Tours! The Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms took our breath away!

And it was just the beginning!

Thanks to Enzo and his driver we had a wonderful time not only visiting the Vatican Museum, but also all the sites I mentioned above, divided reasonably into two half and two full days of Tours!

The thing I most appreciated about Vincenco’s services, besides him being very professional, is the certainty that you always have a helping hand around!

And this combined, with the opportunity to see Rome in all its beauty.

In spite of being disabled, as well share it with your loved one, makes the existence of such incredible people like, Vincenzo and his driver an absolute necessity for the modern world of the 21st century that we are living in!

Thank you our dear friends!

You made it possible for us to truly enjoy Rome!

You made a dream come true!

Zhivka Stoimenova, Bulgaria, Ian Murphy , an Irishman . living in London xxx