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Ancient Ostia Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Ancient Ostia

The beautifully preserved ruins of Ancient Ostia lie twenty miles from Rome ...

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Appian Way Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Appian Way

Engineered in the 5th century BC, it was the widest and largest road of its ...

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Baths of Caracalla Rome Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Baths of Caracalla

Baths of Caracalla was built under the emperor Caracalla and is a ...

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Borghese Gallery Wheelchair Rome Accessible Tours

Borghese Gallery

Borghese Gallery is located right in the heart of Rome, in the Pincio area ...

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Campo de' Fiori Accessible tours

Campo De' Fiori

Today, what remains of Campo de' Fiori is the famous market that takes place ...

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Capitoline Hill Wheelchair Rome Accessible Tours

Capitoline Hill

The Campidoglio, one of the symbols of Rome, is located on the homonymous ...

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Capitoline Museums Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Capitoline Museums

The Capitoline Museums form a complex of buildings that make up the ...

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Castel Sant'Angelo Accessible Tours

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo is a fortress located along the right bank of the Tiber ...

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Colosseum Rome Wheelchair Accessible


Located in the archaeological heart of the city of Rome, the Flavian Amphitheater ...

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Domus Aurea Rome Accessible Tours

Domus Aurea

The Domus Aurea is located in the historic center of the capital, in the ...

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Gianicolo Hill Rome Accessible Tours

Gianicolo Hill

The Gianicolo Hill is one of the most evocative places in all of Rome ...

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Etruscan Museum Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Etruscan Museum

Near Villa Borghese, a few hundred meters from the National Gallery ...

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Hadrian Villa Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Hadrian's Villa

Ordered by Emperor Hadrian as his residence from 117 AC, the villa was ...

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Navona Square Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Navona Square

Navona Square, the most beautiful baroque square of Rome, wheelchair accessible ...

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Pantheon Rome Wheelchair Accessible


In the center of Rome, not far from Navona Square, lies the majestic Pantheon ...

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Quintili Villa Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Quintili's Villa

These grandiose ruins are spread over such a vast area that the late XVIII century ...

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Spanish Steps Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Spanish Steps

Beautiful background to Via dei Condotti, Piazza di Spagna is one of the most ...

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St Peter's Church Rome Wheelchair Accessible

St Peter's Church

The great St Peter's Basilica, the most important of the Christian world ...

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Trastevere Rome Wheelchair Accessible


Strolling through the heart of Rome wheelchair accessible one is struck ...

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Trevi Fountain Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is certainly the most spectacular and the most famous among the ...

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Vatican Museum Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Vatican Museum

The first public museum in the world, was founded by Pope Sixtus IV who decides ...

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Villa D'Este Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Villa D'Este

Villa D'Este, masterpiece of the Italian Garden, is one of the sites included in UNESCO ...

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Villa of Maxentius Rome Wheelchair Accessible

Villa of Maxentius

Between the second and third mile of the Appian Way it extends one of the beautiful ...

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