Originally built as a temple to the seven deities of the seven planets, the Pantheon in Rome is a true architectural wonder.

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Pantheon Rome accessible tours disabled excursions.


Pantheon Rome accessible tours disabled excursions

In the center of Rome, not far from Navona Square, lies the majestic Pantheon.

Great monument that Michelangelo called it the "work of angels and not of men".

The name comes from the Greek words pan ( all ) and theon ( divine ), and in fact, the Pantheon was originally a small temple dedicated to all the Roman gods.

Built between 27 and 25 BC Consul Agrippa, prefect of the Emperor Augustus, the Pantheon was the subject of many renovations.

After suffering two fires, in 80 and in 110 BC, the temple was rebuilt in the form in which you can admire today by Emperor Hadrian under whose reign the Roman Empire reached the height of its splendor.

Despite the current building was very different from the original temple, Emperor Hadrian wanted to pay homage to the consul Agrippa with the great Latin inscription that you can read on the facade.

The Pantheon is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering.

Among the best preserved historical monuments of Rome, he has exerted great influence on the whole of Western architecture.

The temple consists of a circular room covered by a hemispherical dome, preceded by a portico of Greek origin with 16 Corinthian columns that support the tympanum.

Today the tympanum is empty, but in Roman times there was a tall bronze relief depicting the battle between the Giants and the Amazons.

Even the portico ceiling was bronze, but Pope Urban VIII in 1432 made him tear to make another great work: the altar canopy created by Bernini, inside St Peter's Basilica.

The most interesting and revolutionary thing is that the inner diameter of the dome corresponds exactly to the height from the floor of the temple.

Ideally extending the curvature of the time you get a perfect sphere!

You feel so enveloped in the dome that you seem to be as if suspended in the middle of a large hollow sphere.

The dome was made by mixing concrete to ever lighter materials, from travertine to pumice stone, as they got closer to the top.

Absolutely brilliant idea allowed the dome of the Pantheon to withstand nearly two thousand years and to arrive perfectly intact until today.

Looking up you will notice that the only source of light is represented by an Oculus,  a hole in the zenith of the diameter of 9 meters.

And it is his relationship with the light, the most important aspect of the Pantheon.

Is the light to create the space inside.


So if you enter the temple at noon, when the sun's rays from the Oculus became extraordinarily intense and create a truly unique effect.

Unlike all the other greats temples of the past that were made to be seen almost exclusively from outside the Pantheon overturns this view.

Visit the Pantheon Rome Accessible Tours disabled excursions is a unique experience!

Simply magnificent work that encompasses beauty, technique and harmony.

A must that can not miss during your visit to the Eternal City.

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