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Baths of Caracalla Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The Borghese Gallery is one of the best museums in the world and its visit is mandatory. It will not disappoint you!



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Borghese Gallery accessible tours Rome in wheelchair

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Borghese Gallery Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Borghese Gallery wheelchair accessibile tours, is located right in the heart of Rome, in the Pincio area.

Is a privileged and suggestive position within the Villa Borghese Park.

A imposing historic building which takes its name from the famous family that built it.

To attract tourists are obviously the numerous works of art contained within the Museum.

But Borghese Gallery is also surrounded by greenery and splendid gardens crossed by avenues.

That are worth going through at least once in your life and that many Romans love still return to visit several times today.

It is one of the key stages of a holiday in Rome.

One of those destinations that all lovers of art and monuments in Rome never fail to visit is the Borghese Gallery.

The villa was built in the XVI century with the accumulation of the possessions of the Borghese family which at the beginning of the XVII century became very powerful with the rise to the papal throne of Paul V.

Touring Borghese Gallery

The history of the collection of works of art, which you can admire by visiting Villa Borghese, is full of various vicissitudes.

You can start with the purchase of the Borghese of various works by well-known artists such as Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio.

Then to these are added others collections.

Such as those of Paolo Borghese's wife, Olimpia Aldobrandini who in turn contained the collections of Lucrezia d'Este and Cardinal Salviati.

however even losses, more than five hundred pieces were sold to Napoleon.

The Borghese Gallery accessible tours, for all its spectacular art content, has a missing master: Michelangelo.

Scipione Borghese only had a small crucifix made by the artist which, unfortunately, has disappeared.

In the Borghese Gallery Museum you can contemplate the majesty of David, but also Apollo and Daphne and the Rape of Proserpina.

Here is also the famous portrait of Paolina Bonaparte Borghese by Canova.

But there are so many works that can be admired in the Borghese Gallery Museum.

All are exhibited in the 20 frescoed rooms which, together with the portico and the entrance hall, constitute the rooms of the Museum open to the public.

Accessible Details

There is an entrance for disabled at the back of the building and once inside and through an elevator it is possible to reach the first and second floors of the Gallery.

The lift area is very small and if your wheelchair is of regular size, it may not fit!

So it is highly recommended that the disabled person at least can walk a few meters to enter inside.

On the floors there are very compact wheelchairs available which is allow its use.

Recommended is the ground floor access.

Is totally accessible via an electronic ramp located on the side of the entrance staircase at the front of the building on the right.

An operator will open you and consequently you can get off with your own wheelchair.

The ground floor is completely accessible and is where the major artistic works are located.

Accessible Holidays Packages

Borghese Gallery accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Rome Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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