Capitoline Hill Rome Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Capitoline Hill Wheelchair Accessible Tours

The first square that modern Rome has seen born according to the criteria of a uniform project, due to the genius of Michelangelo



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Capitoline Hill wheelchair accessible tours

Capitoline Hill Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Capitoline Hill accessible tours, or well known as The Campidoglio, is one of the symbols of Rome.

Is located on the homonym hill, in the northernmost part of the Roman Forum.

Here the first settlements were created which led to the future city of Rome.

Ancient seat of the most important temple of state worship and symbol of Rome Caput Mundi.

Campidoglio has always maintained its relevance in the life of the city as the center of the municipal institution since the XII century and with the annexed Capitoline Museums, the oldest of the world.

Thanks to its dominant position on the plain where Rome was born, the Campidoglio was already inhabited since the Bronze Age.

Two hills, the arx and the capitolium, originally characterized the hill, separated by a small depression that the first king Romulus used to welcome the inhabitants of the nearby towns called Asylum.

Its name probably derives from the temple of Capitoline Jupiter, by far the most important temple in ancient Rome dedicated to the triad of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

Touring Capitoline Hill

The Campidoglio houses one of the most beautiful squares in Rome.

A symbol of public power, given the presence of the representation of the municipal government of the city, the Capitoline Museums and the nearby Basilica of St Maria in Aracoeli.

During the visit of Emperor Charles I to Rome in 1536, Pope Paul III Farnese felt ashamed for the disastrous state of the hill and decided to commission Michelangelo to design a new square.

Michelangelo designed the square orienting it towards St Peter's Basilica, which at the time was the political center of the city.

He also took care of the construction of another palace ( Palazzo Nuovo ) and redesigned Palazzo dei Conservatori, harmonizing both with the Palazzo Senatorio.

It is the first square in modern Rome created on a regular project due to Michelangelo.

The name of the Capitol and its function will become famous all over the world.

So much so that the term "Capital" and the English word "Capitol" derive from the Capitoline Hill,

It indicates one of the most important buildings in the city, where the Government is based.

Just think of the Capitol in Washington, seat of the United States Congress!

Accessible Details

Access for wheelchair users, disabled and reduced mobility travelers to the Capitoline Hill strictly by adapted van with your disabled badge.

Access is allowed from Piazza della Consolazione.

The visitor reaches the entrance of the Capitoline Museums from Via delle Tre Pile.

A short distance away there are two reserved car parks, one in front of the Cafeteria and another after the Caffarelli portal on the right.

Accessible Holidays Packages

Capitoline Hill accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Rome Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons with an adapted transport.

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