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Trastevere is a unique, eclectic district offering a variety of nightlife and restaurants, a picturesque medieval area located on the west bank of the Tiber.

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Trastevere wheelchair traveling Rome accessible tours.


Trastevere wheelchair traveling Rome accessible tours

Strolling through the heart of Rome, one is struck by the magic that runs through the streets and you can not fully comprehend the significance of the Eternal City.

Rome grows, expands, but continues to maintain a heart and pride inherited from Ancient Rome.

A spirit that runs through all the Roman roads and which penetrates the feelings of citizens, linking them forever to their city, their neighborhood.

Unlike many other places where the tourist visits are greater than the available beds, and although many homes in the Roman streets of the neighborhood have become B&B or holiday home, the historic center of Rome continues to belong the Romans and their hospitality.

It made it possible to transform this city into one of the most beautiful modern cities to live and visit.

Each brick has a story to tell, in the Trans Tiber ( over Tiber ), in the area that has begun to live by the end of the Republican age.

A unique area that has gathered inside several urbanisations.

Touring Trastevere

Going from Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere to Piazza Sidney Sonnino, along Via Trastevere and passing Porta Portese, until you get to Trastevere Station, you can see a glimpse only urbanistic, which mixes different styles in a single container.

The irregularity of the streets of Trastevere, the tortuosity of its alleys and lanes which characterize the district goes back to the Middle Ages.

A time when the sharp contrast of the hovels of the poor people massed on the houses of the nobility of the time it was visible.

Moreover, the presence of architectural elements protruding from the facades of the houses made difficult the passage of the wagons.

The streets had no type of flooring to the end of XIV century when Pope Sixtus IV had the first paved with bricks arranged in a herringbone pattern and then with the most characteristic cobblestones.

The Trastevere night is also filled with, Italians and foreigners who flock to the numerous clubs and pubs dotted along its streets.

It is one of the liveliest quarters, characteristic and self-sufficient city.

Offers taverns, typical Roman restaurants (very famous the collegiate "Cencio" and "The Dirty Word" because of the mutual insults between staff and customers ).


The summer after the market stalls on the Tiber strongly contribute to the untiring nocturnal movement of the Trastevere district.

Follow us into the heart of Rome, learn why this magic.

An exciting and engaging walk will lead you through the alleys of Trastevere showing you the hidden wonders in the streets, the beauty of its monuments where the ancient and the modern come together in an endless game of romance.

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Trastevere wheelchair traveling Rome Accessible Tours unmissible visit at it with our Rome Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted transport.