Rome Rental Bed Raiser Disabled Equipment Service

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Rent equipment service is reserved ONLY to customers who are booking a full holiday package with us.

Rome rental Bed Raiser disabled equipment service

These Elephant Feet beds raisers equipment provide a lift of 140 mm ( 5.5 inches ) for various items of large furniture such as chairs, sofas,  beds and/or tables.

They are very strong and robust, with a deep, non-slip recess at the top, and they are made of a single piece of tough plastic so there are no seams or joints that could come apart under stress.

The Rome rental Bed Raiser disabled equipment service is very deep enough to hold a castor, and most other types of leg, very securely and the broad base makes it extremely stable for reduced mobility customers.

The neutral light grey color makes it unobtrusive in most environments.

Perfect for reduced mobility travelers and disabled persons on holiday in Italy.

  • Elephant Feets cames with 4 to 8 pieces
  • Raiser furniture 140 mm ( 5,5 inches )
  • Wide Base for complete stability
  • Broad 90 mm ( 3 inch ) diameter top
  • Maximum weight 380 Kg ( 60 stones )

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